CORE – Living a purposeful life requires resilience and persistence to achieve your dreams. CORE represents attributes/principles we want so you can be all God made you be.

Our hope is that your participation will build, sharpen and enhance these four attributes:

  • Courage: Live boldly and take risks and step out in faith to pursue your dreams
  • Originality: Be authentic, find your voice, and express it
  • Relevance: Know your world, engage in it and be relevant
  • Excellence: Be your best, seek to grow


To help young adult and their God-given purpose and live it out joyfully through mutual discovery and connections.


Each month we will have one discovery & one connection event.

  • Discovery Meetings: Occurs every last Friday of alternate months.
  • Format: Group discussions rooted in biblical principles for personal and professional growth – REAL TALK, NOTHING OFF LIMITS. (No lectures… we promise)
  • Connection Events: Occurs every quarter.
  • Format: Volunteering, Group activities fun, and engagements