Men of David

A Fellowship group for men and brothers in RCCG JHS offering an avenue for men to come together in fellowship. This group doesn’t just engage in the spiritual aspect of worship, prayer, and bible teaching but also addresses social issues like family, work, shopping, schooling, and recreation activities.

Men are typically seen as the pillar of any church or community. Biblically and naturally, they are the head of their families. So, a lot is expected of them, and the pressure they face sometimes can be insurmountable, especially if they don’t have steady finances or not enough.

So, the fellowship or group offers a platform for men to share, advise themselves, and educate themselves on current happenings, business ideas, jobs, and other opportunities. On occasion, seminars and workshops are organized for men to help them process their personal issues and equip them with additional information.

The most exciting part of the men’s group is the recreation aspect. Men let loose their inhibitions and relax and play and participate in all kinds of games and activities. This part offers them the time and space needed to decompress, and it’s usually fun-filled.

More men are needed to join this noble group and foster brotherliness. When men stand together, they become an unbreakable and immovable force. In today’s changing world and climate where Black Men especially have targets on their backs, we encourage all men to be their brother’s keeper and continually check up on each other to make sure everyone is fine and keeping safe.

We encourage men to be great fathers to their children, good husbands to their wives, and good servants of the Lord.