Prayer Clinic

The prayer clinic is part of the intercessory ministry of JHS. This forum is designed to support the body of Christ and the community with emergent, urgent, and unique prayer needs. By digging deep into origin and causative factors, through the auction of the Holy Spirit. This session is an opportunity to assist participants in seeking the face of God for an issue and empower people through prayer and supplication to The Lord.

This is a dynamic, holistic approach that empowers and encourage people to take charge of their own lives. Unlike any other intercessory ministry, this is not a prayer contract, rather, through the power of the Holy Spirit, participants are enabled to deepen their faith and trust in God as they seek for His direction.

Testimonies: through this ministry, many have received spiritual healing, physical healing, and freedom from long-standing issues. Due to privacy and sensitive nature of some of the encounters, we invite everyone that has been blessed through this ministry to share their own r testimonies to encourage others (Mathew 11:28, Revelation 12:11).

Prayer Request